Fabrics made Pastel by Yilmazipek should not be only
    beautiful and fashion BUT also they must respect the environment and people.
    That’s why, we create and endorse “Fillsens” that is lyocell filament to
    make considerable steps in sustainable fashion.
    As Pastel by Yılmazipek, we have a watchful eye to the evolution of tastes and trends;
    a continuous travel from the fashion retrospective to
    the modernity with constant research in design areas and many
    trips in search of beauty
    Premiere Vision Paris 19-21 September 2017
    Stand No:5B12 - 5C15.
    PASTEL by Yılmazipek
    We always pay attention to customer
    value preferring customization strategy
    that responds to local differences.
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Pastel By Yilmazipek Textile

We weave the World best quality is combined with highest customer satisfaction.

OEKO-TEX® | "Confidence in Textiles"

The label "Confidence in Textiles" that goes with the certification stands for responsible textile production, safety and transparency. It represents an additional reassurance for factory employees, for retailers and consumers. It guarantees that the products are free from harmful substances.This certificate underlines Pastel' continuous efforts to manufacture products in a responsible and sustainable way.

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We are using corporated Facebook and Linkedin accounts to keep ourselves up to date also publish latest developments about us.

Eco friend

Fillsens filament that we are using in our sustainable fashion collection is manufactured under close-loop and pollution-free conditions. Atmosphere, land and water pollutions resulting from its manufacturing process are almost negligible. As a natural cellulosic fiber, used fabrics are fully biodegradable.


Aiming for high customer satisfaction, continuous improvement in effectiveness and productivity of manufacturing and supply quality constitutes the basis of our manufacturing and quality assurance organization.

Our Vision

By the help of focusing on creativeness , detailed research , connections with key people and technical knowledge to make production on time and with zero defect.

Our Mission

To produce “ fashion fabrics” being aware that it has a big advantage to combine 86 years experience in textile.

We weave the world

fair time

We attended and attended fair calendar

Februray 2017

The show | Première Vision Istanbul

The show | Première Vision Istanbul The stand number will be updated.

july 2017

The show | Première Vision New York

The show | Première Vision New York The stand number will be updated.


LONDON TEXTILE FAIR The stand number will be updated.